Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, May 16, 2008

Almost Back

At about 11 this morning, my life will return to normal.

Last week was Coastal Commission. This week I've actually had to wear a tie three times, and that always portends little time for blogging. Monday it was a major new biz presentation. Thursday, I taught a five hour class on community outreach to a client's new project managers, and I'm leaving in a minute to participate in a panel on global warming and housing regulation. Eech.

Then, finally, I'll get my life back. I've missed not being able to comment on so much -- Myanmar, China, the Obama team's telling huffiness over Bush's right-on remarks in Israel, the California Supreme Court's decision on homosexuality ...

OK, maybe I'll be late to my talk, but I have to get this out. The NYT headlines email this a.m. had as its quote of the day some CA gay saying how he finally felt like a first-class citizen, not a second-class one.

How nice. I, and about 80 percent of CA feel like second-class citizens today. We voted against gay marriage and now we're told that our vote doesn't matter. How much more second class can you get?

Gotta run.