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Friday, May 16, 2008

Watcher's Winners

Here are a few stories that are really worth reading this week, the winner's of the weekly best o'blogs compiled by the Watcher's Council under the watchful eye of the Watcher of Weasels. And this week's winners were particularly good.

On the Council side, Soccer Dad wears the gold for his piece "Evolution" = "growth," which uses a shockingly too-true premise to set up an even bigger shocker of a story.

The two other best posts of the week came in right behind: Joshuapundit's Lebanon Becomes Hezbollahstan, which will bring you depressingly up to date on Lebanon, and Wolf Howling's The Audacity of Newsweek, that shows how unabashedly biased Newsweek has become.

My own And Tango Makes 420, about the American Library Association's campaign against decency, came in next.

The best post of the week by far came from the milblog Kaboom, simply titled Numb. It is a beautifully written piece that captures poetically and powerfully the exhaustion combat brings. How exhausted? Well ...
Lord, give me the strength not to attack with a baseball at every fool and every chickenhawk and every Apathy Kid and every soft elitist and ever intellectual hack and every Jody and every yuppie and every thirty-something child still finding himself when I get home. It's not worth my time. Do give me the strength to convince them to stop breeding and to kill themselves, in the name of bettering America. It's' the only chance we have.
That exhausted.

POLITICS: Yes, Experience Matters by Baseball Crank came in a strong second. It runs through five points of experience a president needs, points out that few have all and only one has had virtually none of them: Abraham Lincoln. Obama also has none of them, but he is assuredly no Abraham Lincoln.

Also of note: Is the Criminal-Justice System Racist?, which rebuts every black apologist argument and makes it clear: Blacks are disproportionately jailed because they are disproportionately violent, and Lebanon's "300" Heroes, a tale of the Druze defense of Lebanon, as brave and probably as failed as the Spartans against ... who, class? who? ... the Persians.

Some things never change.

See all the winners here. Thanks, Watcher, for fueling up this week's blogospheric hot rod.