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Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Guess It's Not The "Commie News Network" Anymore

Pro-Beijing (i.e., pro-totalitarian) Chinese by the thousands demonstrated in front of CNN's LA office today -- but it seems they were more angry about disparaging remarks about the quality of Chinese products than about coverage of the repression of Tibet:
Up to five thousand people gathered Saturday in front of the Hollywood offices of CNN to protest disparaging remarks about China made by one of the channel's commentators, police said.

The demonstration came as pro-China protests were held across the world against what they see as disinformation of the Western media over China's recent crackdown in Tibet, which has proved a public relations disaster ahead of August's Beijing Olympics. ...

The Beijing government took CNN to task this week after outspoken commentator Jack Cafferty slammed China for exporting unsafe products, which he called "junk with lead paint," as well as Beijing's massive purchases of US securities.

"I think they're basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they've been for the last 50 years," Cafferty said of China in an April 9 broadcast.

The Chinese foreign ministry on Thursday rejected a CNN explanation that his comments -- which caused a huge outcry in China -- were aimed at the government, and not the Chinese people. (AFP)
[Idiocy disclaimer: Cafferty is a raving idiot and I get very, very nervous when I'm on the same side as him. I like the sign above: "Cafferty, do you eat with that mouth?"]

Missing, by the way, is any coverage of the event on the CNN home page or its national news page. Cover-up News Network?

The Chinese are not making any friends or influencing any people with these demonstrations -- in fact, they stink of the same sort of arrogance of Muslim thugs who tried to tell us we couldn't print cartoons despite our freedoms.

They are free to demonstrate against our government and do -- despite the fact that protests are brutally shut down in their own country. We are free to be ticked off at them if they don't like it if they ship us crap or crush the dream of freedom among their people.

Photo: LA Times

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