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Monday, April 21, 2008

Caution: White Guy Blogging

So I've been scrutinized, and that's who I am!

I hate blacks and I hate women. I've got all the power. I cannot be relied on. I have a terrible temper, and I'm fine with having it.

Funny, that's not what I feel, act or think like, but Nora Ephron writing at Huffpo sums up white men in so many words, so it must be so.

No one will call Ephron anything derogatory and overused to the point of meaninglessness -- racist, sexist -- for denigrating me and my white male brothers as terribly as she has, but that's OK; we expect it. It just comes with having all the power, you know.

Since the Dems have been running icons this election season, they've ended up where they deserve to end up, even if Ephron isn't crazy about it:
Here's another thing I don't like about this primary: now that there are only two Democratic candidates, it's suddenly horribly absolutely crystal-clear that this is an election about gender and race.
You could say it's an election about the economy and the war, but what fun would that be? Why focus on vital things when it's much more fun to call people names -- or accuse others of calling people names, or accuse their spouses of calling people names?

But when you run a race like the Dems have run, which as a Dem you have to do because identity politics is what you are, you end up with results like this; you end up running a race that means nothing because the only difference between the candidates is sex, race and age.

And for some reason, they've left age out of it. Until after the primaries, when they face that old white guy.

I might just be an insensitive, out of touch white guy, but it seems to me that it doesn't matter if the president is a man, a woman, a black or a white or anything else. What matters is policy and position -- not about race and gender, but about things that actually matter.

You'd think it would be the Dems that are saying that, but it's not. It's me, the GOP white guy, because they're fixated on the genetic matter of two individuals instead of where their policies will take us.

That leaves us white men, and all the intelligent people who join us in this effort, to think not of race or gender, but of the future, and to vote from our brains, not our hearts, skin or our sex organs. It's unfortunate, really, that all the power still resides in my white male brothers in Pennsylvania and Indiana, but that's the card they've been dealt by the Dems.

America's great talk on race never happened. Blacks will vote overwhelmingly for Obama. Older white women will vote overwhelmingly for Clinton. What a shame that is. I think what Ephron meant to say was this: White Dem men in Pennsylvania and Indiana will actually be voting about what matters, while most of the blacks and women will be voting about symbols that really don't matter at all.

OK, they matter. But only if you're a sexist or a racist.

Update: For a much more intelligent article on the issue, read this one at the other CSM.

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