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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sarkozy Sufficiently Ticked About Tibet

Nicolas Sarkozy continued in his role as the most refreshing European chief of state in eons today with a slap -- albeit a tentative and polite slap -- across Beijing's arrogant cheek:
PARIS (Breitbart/AP) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy suggested Tuesday that a boycott of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics was a possibility—the first world leader to raise the prospect of punishing China over its ongoing crackdown in Tibet.

The United States, Britain and Germany all condemned China for using force against Tibetan protesters, but they stopped short of threatening to boycott the games or the Aug. 8 opening ceremony. ...

"Our Chinese friends must understand the worldwide concern that there is about the question of Tibet, and I will adapt my response to the evolutions in the situation that will come, I hope, as rapidly as possible," he said in southwest France.

Asked whether he supported a boycott, Sarkozy said he could "not close the door to any possibility."

His aides confirmed that Sarkozy was talking only about the opening ceremony.
Sarkozy's statement comes after criticism that he had not addressed the Chinese suppression of Tibet -- but better late and a bit strong on the diplomacy genteelness scale than never. With European heads of state gathering on Friday, it appears to be deliberately and well timed.

While I'm still upset Beijing was granted these Olympics and would love to see a sizable international boycott arise to embarrass the regime and promote greater human rights in China, I'm a realist -- and that's a pretty unreal scenario. Sarkozy's middle ground position of boycotting just the opening ceremonies is one that could get traction and create an embarrassment to the thugs that rule China, so let's watch what happens now.

Meanwhile, the totalitarians continue their repressive ways. Chinese state media and human rights groups both reported that two people were killed in a clash between protesters and police in an area of western China that borders on Tibet.

That brings the number killed in the uprising 22 or 140, depending on whether you trust the Chinese official or the human rights groups stats.

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