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Monday, March 24, 2008

A Mind (Even A White Mind) Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

My friend Jim tells me he's seeing the post University of the Absurd all over the Internet, and I can see why.

It's from the site Minding The Campus, and presents an interview of a UC San Diego student who has just finished a three-quarter, 16-unit required series of classes called "Dimensions of Culture."

The entire interview is an outrage and a damning indictment of the depths of foolish hypocrisy and idiotic teachings that have overcome and threaten to destroy our universities. Here's one excerpt. The student has just explained the module on diversity and goes on to talk about the justice module:
A. I liked that quarter best because all it was about were Supreme Court cases like affirmative action and Brown v. Board... My teaching assistant, who you have in discussions twice a week, was crazy. I remember one day she was talking about how there should be affirmative action in terms of who becomes a Fortune 500 CEO and that they should require that a certain percent of all CEOs in Fortune 500 companies be women.

I said I disagree, "Who's to say that a woman is going to be a better CEO than a man? Let's be honest, you know, a lot of women don't become CEOs because most women choose to not work as much 'cause you have no life if you're a CEO to raise a family or anything." But she said, "How can you be a woman and think that? That's totally wrong. That's what's wrong with women in our society because we need affirmative action to get ahead." She was unbelievable.

When we talked about investment bankers and people who worked in finance... she said, "Well, I hate investment bankers anyway, I hate them, I hate their whole attitude." And she went on and on how they're terrible people...
Apparently the Teaching Assistant missed out on the diversity module. How could she hate investment bankers if she's supposed to be tolerant? Oh wait ... "investment banker" translates as "white male." No tolerance required.

And how can you embrace diversity without embracing that women can have different views about women? Is only one point of view allowed? Yes, indeed. One viewpoint is the new diversity.

I particularly liked this passage:
A. I guess what annoyed me most about this class is that they said that it was, you know, everyone can have their opinion, you're really entrusted in like learning, but if you said anything against what they thought, they were mean. And I remember on my paper I wrote about the Supreme Court case that dealt with Seattle [racial quotas] in which I said that it's unconstitutional, which is what the Supreme Court decided, I literally spent an hour arguing with my TA before I turned it in because she said, "I think you're wrong."

Q. And you wrote that it was unconstitutional to do what?

A. The Seattle case was about having quotas for different races going to high school. They presented it as only white people were upset about it and never talked about how minorities were just as upset ... but so yeah, I spent an hour, and she finally was like, "Okay, we'll agree to disagree. I don't agree with what you're saying, I think it is constitutional." So I turned in the paper, I get an A, and she writes on my paper, "Just so you know, I still think you're wrong."

It was supposed to be a persuasive essay or argumentative, and I wanted to say, "Aren't you supposed to be grading on how I'm arguing, not on my opinions?" It was ridiculous. I didn't learn to write at all in that class. You had to write pretty much what they wanted, or you had to go and fight for an hour. And I'm sure she just knew that she couldn't give me a B-, or else I'd have gone and complained. So I was just disgusted by it and that she was just so rude.
Remember: The student being interviewed was on the same side of the Supreme Court of the United States, but that didn't matter to the TA -- the student was wrong. All that mattered to the TA is that her view of the world be held by all.

For this, you get to pay $8,062 a year as a resident (plus books and everything else) or $20,021 as a non-resident. You'd think you could destroy a young mind for much less ....

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