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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lebanon Biggie Praises Iran's Nukes

Here's an interesting tidbit from Fars, the Iranian news service Ahmadinejad mouthpiece:
Iran's N. Power a Back Up for Arabs against Israel

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran's nuclear capability brings balance of power to the region and strengthens Muslim and Arab world against the Zionist regime of Israel, a former Lebanese minister said. ...

Speaking in an exclusive interview with FNA in Beirut, head of Towhid Movement and former Lebanese Minister Weam Vahab viewed Iran's role in Lebanon and the region as significant and outstanding, and said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran plays a remarkable role in supporting the Islamic resistance movements of the region and Lebanon and renders support to the Lebanese nation and resistance without imposing its will and aspirations."

Vahab, who is among the respected heads of Lebanon's important Darouzi tribe, also defended Iran's peaceful nuclear activities, saying that Tehran's nuclear power brings equilibrium to the region and a point of reliance for the world of Islam.
Yeah, yeah, Iran is arming and training Hezbollah and Hamas to kill Jews; knew that, but what am I missing here? How do "peaceful nuclear activities," oh, like generating electricity or using nuclear medicine to diagnose disease, help create a balance of power and a "back up" against Israel?

I can hear it now; "Stop murdering innocent Palestinians, you Jew devils, or we'll ... we'll ... we'll turn on more lights in Tehran!"

The only ones stupid enough to buy Tehran's "peaceful" nuclear program are Western leftists and academics.

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