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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dinosaurs Alive And Kicking In Blogosphere

The dinosaur media may be struggling ... but we'd be struggling without them.

That fact becomes clear when you look at the sources for the most cutting-edge new media. Memeorandum qualifies in that regard, with its running, nonpartisan log of the news of the day, drawn from the blogosphere, the printosphere and the real atmosphere (the broadcast media).

The site just posted its top 100 news sources; here are the top ten.

1New York Times

2Washington Post

3Associated Press

4The Politico

5Think Progress

6The Atlantic Online

7The Corner


9The Hill

10CNN Political Ticker

Seventy percent of the top ten are old line media, with only The Politico, Think Progress and The Corner qualifying as new media. New media become more pronounced in the second ten, representing 60 percent of that grouping:

11Los Angeles Times

12The Huffington Post

13Crooks and Liars

14Weekly Standard

15Captain's Quarters

16Opinion Journal

17Talking Points Memo



The MSM are struggling, but they're obviously continuing to perform a needed function no one has figured out how to usurp. To succeed they must first overcome their bias and become Everyman's media; only then will they be able to figure out a way to stay profitable in the face of a finely tuned and efficient new media.

Can they do it? Sometimes. Look what the LA Times is doing to use new media to stay ahead of the blogosphere in its fire coverage.

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