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Monday, August 13, 2007

Utterly Stupid Spin Of The Day

As news didn't break over the last week of NASA's massive adjustment of its global surface temperature data -- so all the "hot" years of the 1990s and 2000s are suddenly not as hot as the 1930s -- we get the UN saying this:
Climate Change

The International Strategy for Disaster Reduction is urging Governments to speed up their implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action. That framework, which 168 countries agreed to in 2005, focuses on preparing for the effects of climate change.

With this year’s series of floods, heat waves and storms expected to continue, the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction says that better legislation is needed to promote the building of stronger structures, cities and villages in areas that are not prone to flooding. (emphasis added)
Well, duh. We'd be in in very, very serious trouble if we didn't expect our good ol' planet's series of flood, heat waves and storms to continue.

I'm all for better public safety infrastructure -- if the hardcore environmentalists let us build it, that is -- but not by creating Warmie hysteria. For as long as I can remember, hurricanes, monsoons, heat waves (and cold waves!), floods (and droughts!) have ravaged our planet with depressing regularity.

That's a fact. Predicting future weather isn't.

Public safety infrastructure is critically important. But so is public health, public education, public freedom from the homicidal maniacs who rule many of the nations of the UN. Let's make decisions on how to allocate resources based on the world as it is today, not the Ouija board reading du jour of the scientific soothsayer set.

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