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Monday, August 13, 2007

More Evidence Of Evil In The Heart Of China

Modern, moral nations just don't have people who do things like this:
BEIJING (AP) — China is still freeing people — including children — forced to work as slaves in illegal brick factories, two months after the scandal involving the brick yards was exposed, officials said Monday.

The scandal erupted in early June after children as young as 8 were abducted or recruited from bus and train stations with false promises of well-paying jobs and sold to kilns for about $65.

"Another 359 slave migrant workers have been rescued in Shanxi since late June, including 15 child workers and 121 mentally handicapped ones," said Xue Yanzhong, executive vice governor of Shanxi province.

The Chinese government, which prides itself on knowing every last detail of what its citizens are up to, did nothing about the slavery at the brick kilns of Shanxi until it was forced to do so by an internet storm of outraged public opinion. Even then, the main perpetrator of the first case, the son of a local party official, got off easy.

So don't credit the Commies with any kudos for these latests arrests. They occurred because the Commies are backed into the corner on the slavery issue, at least in the Shanxi brick kilns. And let's not kid ourselves: Shanxi is not the only place in China where this is occurring; it's just the only place where something is being done about it.

China doesn't deserve to host the Olympics, and we shouldn't participate.

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