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Friday, June 01, 2007

Watcher's Winners

Joshuapundit wrote this week on A Cure for Antisemitism ("scratch an `anti-Zionist' and you almost never have to delve too deeply to find a Jew hater") -- by standing up to them and giving them a thing or two to think about before they publicly profess their bigotry again. A lot of Council members liked the piece; it's first in this week's Watcher's Council rankings.

Done with Mirrors continued his wonderful series on our responsibilities as we consider leaving Iraq. No Friend Left Behind (Update) deals with the dangerous lives of translators in Iraq and what we are doing to protect them (getting a start), and what the Brits are doing (not getting a start.

My favorite piece this week, Bookworm's Mitt the Mormon, a funny and insightful piece on American politics, came in third. I garnered a single vote for Bush Defies Warming Autocrats at G8.

Among the non-Watcher nominees, I nailed it, with my first and second place choices coming in first and second. These are must-reads.

Start off with Dr. Sanity's Sticking to What I do Best, which appears to have been just about everyone's favorites and was a very strong first place winner. It's everything you need to know and more, with more than a little biting wit, on Islam and women. Masterful.

Then, Kobayashi Maru's From the Mouths of Babes: Climate Analysis that Really Works, an excellent piece on one young woman who sees through the global warming hysteria, and has models that show she's right.

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