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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Obama Health Plan: Take From The Rich, Give To The Lazy (And Illegal?)

The rap (well deserved) on Barak Obama is that there's plenty of sparkle, but not much substance, so in an effort to be considered a "serious candidate," according to AP (and isn't it funny that he's gotten this far without being serious?), Obama got serious today.

Did he get serious about making sure the economy stays robust? No. Was it the war on terror? Nope. Was it fixing Social Security before it goes bankrupt? Think again. It was universal health insurance! The no-brainer of politics!

You can float out whatever universal health insurance plan you want with absolutely 100 percent assurance that nothing like it will ever become law, and in this case, that's a very good thing.

Obama says his plan will insure the "45 million" Americans who are uninsured. That number is so high it appears to include illegals, along with the millions of young Americans who have made a financial decision to spend their sufficient incomes on something other than insurance. Neither should be insured at public expense.

Who's going to pay for it? Obama says it won't be us; no, we'll SAVE $2,500 a year. It'll be THEM, because he plans to help pay for it by repealing "the Bush temporary tax cut for the wealthiest taxpayers." You mean the folks who've always paid for their insurance, and probably paid for or contributed to the insurance costs of thousands of their employees? Those richest Americans?

It's worth it, Obama says, because "the skyrocketing profits of the drug and insurance industries" shouldn't be on the backs of the people. How about the skyrocketing profits of the class-action attorneys?

We'll know truly meaningful health insurance reform, because it will come with tort reform designed to protect drug companies, doctors, hospitals and insurance companies from the ravenous attacks of shark lawyers.

And you'll never, ever see that universal health insurance program coming from a Dem.

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