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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hillary Takes Her John Kerry Lessons

I loved this lead paragraph from AP ... reminded me of a recent failed Dem presidential candidate ...
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton voted Wednesday to advance legislation cutting off money for the Iraq war, then refused to pledge to support the measure if it came to a vote, then said she would.
Later on she defended her statement following criticism from other Dem prez candidates:
"This is consistent with what I've been saying for several years."
What part, exactly, is consistent? Cutting off funding? Being against cutting off funding?

For someone so politically savvy, Hillary is doing a much worse job at dealing with her earlier pro-war vote that Mitt Romney is doing with his previous stands on abortion and gay rights. What she's exhibiting is not exactly attribute of "looking presidential."

"Looking like her husband" maybe, but not looking presidential.

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