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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fearing Dem Moves, Israel Preps For War

One person Nancy Pelosi probably won't sit down and talk with during her current Middle East tour is Israel's Military Intelligence chief, Maj.-Gen. Amos Yadlin. Too bad.

NanFran likes early withdrawal as much as teenage girls having unprotected sex do. Yadlin does not share her fondess for the premature "redeployment" of U.S. troops from Iraq, according to the Jerusalem Post:
The [Israeli] army has begun drawing up plans for the day after the US withdraws from Iraq, he said, adding that a premature US withdrawal would be "dangerous" and a major source of concern for the Israeli defense establishment. The consensus is that following such a withdrawal, anarchy would break out in Iraq and spread across the Shi'ite-Sunni world.
NanFran and Harry Reid may talk about the importance of honoring our fallen troops, but obviously, the collapse of Iraq, followed by a broad Islamic civil war that includes in its crossfire the nation of Israel is the most exact definition of dying in vain imaginable.

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