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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Violent Social Meltdown In England

Immigration, diversity, tolerance and gun control are failing again -- this time in South London and in a very shocking way. How shocking? This shocking:
Scores of worried parents are buying body armour for their children in a desperate attempt to keep them safe as street violence escalates.

A firm that supplies stab- and bullet-proof vests to government agencies around the world has sold 60 jackets, at a cost of between £300 to £425, to concerned parents who have flooded the company with inquiries after several murders of teenagers on London streets.

The company has received more than 100 calls from parents in the capital over the past few weeks. The company, VestGuard UK, usually gets one or two calls of this type per year.

The fatal stabbings of Adam Regis, killed three days after 16-year-old Kodjo Yenga, are the latest in a series of violent incidents involving teenagers in recent months. (Times of London)
The violence isn't limited to the capitol:
Mike Todd, the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, said: "We have got 14 and 15-year-old kids walking around in body armour. And we have 13-year-olds where, when we do house searches, we find Section 1 firearms in their houses because they are being used to hold them"
South London is poor London, immigrant London, housing project London. One of its schools was recognized recently as being the country's most diverse -- with 71 languages spoken there.
It's been tough for longer than any current resident has been alive -- South London's streets once were littered with the bodies of Jack the Ripper's victims.

But today's kids are more violent, more likely to punch a kid down, then stomp on his head. Gangs and graffiti and guns rule the streets, and the Labor government is hamstrung with PC platitudes and an unwillingness to give police the numbers and authority needed to clamp down on the situation.

The comments to the Times tell a lot about why this is happening:
What do we expect? In a society that is too politically correct to allow schools to discipline pupils and insists they are adults by droning on about their rights and exposing them to adult material...of course they think they can do whatever they want. The police always advise "Don't get involved" does anone really want to live in a society like that? Get Involved... Tom, London

This is a direct result of an open borders policy that has fundamentally changed British society - as it's changing industrialized societies around the globe. The flow of cheap Third World labor is wonderful for Big Business. They profit as their nations balkanize into competing ethnic zones. Stories such as this are typical of an area where competing ethnic groups live. This is not in the interest of Western people. Michael, Spain

As a labour supporter it pains me to say the following, it is now time for labour to go, it's not that people are putting body armour on their children, it's the fact people are thinking about it that says this country is becoming, like America, an unsafe place to live. That is so easily down the the capitalistic animal survival approach, what happened to socialism Blair? Mikey, Birmingham
Summing it up nicely is Mike Jones from Hampshire:
What on earth is happening to this country!!! It comes to something when you have to dress your children in body armour to go to school. All these liberal minded idiots who control the country with their human rights this and that have an awful lot to answer for but then again, they are up in their ivory towers a world away from crime and violence so why should they care?
Sadly, the violence that's wracking England and causing parents to buy body armor for their children is a small blood spatter compared to what goes on in America -- the legacy of a seed planted by FDR, fertilized by LBJ and nurtured today by the Dem leadership, abetted by a GOP that's too weak-kneed to stand up to them.

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