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Monday, March 12, 2007

Sex Ed ( With G-Spot) For 8th Graders

What do eighth graders need to know about g-spots, anal sex and masturbation?


But that didn't stop a Chicago-area teacher from forcing his 8th grade class to read out loud this FAQ on sex [a strong, strong caution goes with that link]. The FAQ starts off with "How do you have sexual intercourse?" The answer is explicit and uses "boy" and "girl" to define the genders -- not "man" and "woman."

After the students protested that they didn't want to read the stuff, the teacher, 27 year-old Scott Groff, forced them to keep reading, the ChiTrib reports.
"My daughter was the one who got to read aloud the question on oral sex," said one mother who asked that her name not be published because she feared it would add to her daughter's embarrassment. "I can't even tell you how humiliating this was for my 13-year-old. This is just way, way over the line."
There are two obvious questions: Why did Groff do it, and what will happen to him?

To the latter: Groff is untenured, but his chances of staying aren't all that bad. If the decision were the Superintendent's, he'd be a shoo-in for staying in the classroom, since educators are usually incapable of making tough, correct decisions. But Groff's fate is in the hands of the school board. And that makes it anyone's guess.

Were he the employee of a private organization instead of a school board, there would be no question of his fate. The job would already be past tense. But schools are not run by normal people.

Why did Groff do it? He says he didn't review the material first. That is not an excuse, since it's the teacher's job to review materials first.

The document's headlines are in red, bold, large type, and as I said, the first one is about how to "do it," which is not the stuff of 8th grade sex ed. A few questions later is "What position is best?" Any review at all -- even scanning the headlines as he handed it out -- would have alerted him to the fact that he was handing out unsuitable materials.

But he pressed on. The only explanation can be that he wanted the students to read it.

Then students began protesting.
Braley's daughter, Sandi, said she objected to the lesson, but the teacher told her it was part of the school's "human sexuality" curriculum.

"I just felt really uncomfortable talking about this in a class with boys and girls," Sandi Braley said. "I was like, `Mr. Groff, why do we need to learn this?' He just looked at me and said, `Calm down, calm down.'"
"Calm down, calm down" -- it sounds like what a child molester would say to a child who's making too much noise.

There is only one explanation for Groff's pressing on over the protests of his students, and it's the same one for why he made the claim that he did not review the materials: He wanted the students to read the materials.

But Groff, a sexual deviant who has been entrusted with young children, is still a teacher. The school board meets this week; will they be able to summon up the moral certainty to fire him?

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