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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stupid Bush Again Out-Thinks His Critics

Normalization of relations with L'il Kim Jong Il's personal pleasure playground? That's not the sort of thing Bush -- the yahoo from Yale, the cowboy from Crawford -- should be capable of pulling off.

The leftyblogs -- Kos, Americablog, DemUnderground -- are all mystically silent on the matter. Perhaps they remember their boy Kerry trying to whop Bush during the debates, belittling the prez for not taking on NoKo one-on-one in bluster-diplomacy. Bush stood his ground, belittling right back with the results of Clinton's one-on-ones with L'il Kim.

This little bit from today's WashTimes coverage underscores the wisdom of the Bush approach:
Kim Kye-gwan, North Korea's vice minister of foreign affairs, arrived in Beijing yesterday and was expected in San Francisco tomorrow, a State Department official told The Washington Times. He will continue to New York for talks with his U.S. negotiating counterpart, Christopher Hill, which will likely begin early next week.
Kim went first to Beijing, then to Washington. That action proves the wisdom of the Bush administration's Six-Party approach. Any deal with NoKo that doesn't include China is doomed because only China exerts any control over the Pyongyang Gang.

And in the process, Bush has skillfully drawn Beijing into a new role of Asian peace-promoter, establishing a foothold that future administrations can build on to manage all the problems and potentials China poses.

And the Leftyblogs just go on and on about conditions at Walter Reed ... fiddling with non-stories while the world changes.

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