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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Quote Of The Day: Hillary, Your Fangs Are Showing Edition

“Attack, attack, attack doesn’t always work, as the people in the Charge of the Light Brigade found out."
-- Bob Shrum

Shrum, one of the top Dem campaign strategists, is speaking of Hillary Clinton's campaign strategy, as it becomes evident that the vindictive, take no prisoners banshee that was behind Bill Clinton's campaign is behind her own campaign.

Amazing -- less than one month after declaring her candidacy, the grand illusion she has spent some eight years building is coming unravelled, all because of a clean and articulate first term senator from Illinois. Read these quotes that accompanied Schrum's in a Times of London article:

Dick Morris said of Hil, “Nobody’s allowed to do [criticize her]. Certainly none of their opponents. If they dare to, Hillary sends in one of her boys, who practically accuses them of being unAmerican.”

Chris Matthews said of the Clinton campaign's attempted early crush of Obama: “Is this the strategy? You cannot dare criticise us?”

Exactly what Hil needs to be running away from -- her old image -- is what she's embracing in the early days of the campaign. She could reinvent herself yet again, this time as one who can take crticism and give it without fear or recrimination, and she needs to if she's really In to Win.

But she doesn't have it in her.

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