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Friday, December 29, 2006

Simple Justification For Capital Punishment

"No-one can oppose the decision to execute the criminal Saddam. Those who reject the execution of Saddam are undermining the dignity of Iraq's martyrs."

That's Iraqi PM Nouri Maliki sounding like he's been listening to Dennis Prager, who uses the same ultimate justification for capital punishment: That it is all about respect for life, through paying respect to those whose lives were taken.

BBC reports this morning that Saddam's lawyers have been ordered to pick up his personal effects. Capt. Ed reports that he's being handed over to the Iraqis today. The time draws near, and it should come quickly. Dragging this out only gives those thugs who still support Saddam more time to plan some Saddam-like behavior in retaliation for his much-deserved hanging.

But they have come out, those who call this a rush to judgment, an inhumane act. When cases are easy to make, when evidence is overwhelming, when good judges evil under the watchful eyes of the world, justice can be swift and fair.

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