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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tidings Of Comfort, Joy And Irony

Commenter JGR told this too-sad but too-funny story in a comment on an earlier post by me regarding corporate disregard for Christmas:
One of the UK papers has a story about Brit carol singers going door to door. The group found the best welcome in the dingiest housing, where older people and the less fortunate welcomed their presence. And, guess who the most generous were for their charity?

Yep, 2 Moslem brothers, who thanked them for representing a real Christmas; not something the two brothers believed in, you see, but something they felt was right for England at this time of year. 'Too often,' the newspaper reported quoted them as saying, 'England pretends to make the traditional celebration into something else.' (my paraphrase)

Indeed. Ultimate irony.
What an amazing story. First, about the appreciative poor and the snooty well to do -- no wonder Christ spent most of his time with the poor. That's something good to remember this time of year.

And the kind-heartedness of the Muslim brothers is a joy to behold, a beacon of hope ... enough to make me realize the need to repent the anger in the post below about the Belsan terrorist, although it's not easy.

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