Cheat-Seeking Missles

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today We Dance! Tomorrow Our Hair Falls Out!

Paid Iranian artists celebrate the coming apocalypse in what must be one of the most bizarre photos of the new century.

Arms lifted in praise ... doves of peace awing ... hero-worshipping the Big Enriched U.

It's a particularly chilling image for us because we never worshipped our bomb in this way. We were happy to end the war, but relief and even pride of accomplishment were muted by dread and massive self-searching. We danced in the street in celebration of the end of the war, but we didn't dance out of sheer joy for The Bomb.

The Iranian Happy Dance to Death is entirely appropriate in its trumped up pomp and symbolism, given how hungry the Muslim world has been for The Bomb, and how long that hunger has been gnawing at their pork-free innards.

If anyone out there is foolish enough to think the Iranian's intent is peaceful, look at the doves. The Iranians won't win any poker matches with this bluff.

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