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Monday, March 20, 2006

Islam Teaches Us Tolerance

We are not supposed to think badly of Islam, even though, as a religion, it behaves very badly.

If we mishandle its holy book, we have done something so reprehensible, it's hard to forgive.

If we draw a cartoon of its founder, we have offended Islam to its core.

If we portray a terrorist on a television show as an Islamic man, we have transgressed decency.

A book, a cartoon, an actor. Learn it; if we offend Islam in any of these manners, we deserve what's coming to us.

What then, should come to Islam if its laws lead to the death of a real human being, not a book, not a cartoon, not an actor, but Abdul Rahman, now on trial for his life in Afghanistan because he left Islam for Christianity?

We can't draw their prophet, but they're free to kill one of us simply because he believes in our savior, Jesus Christ?

And this religion is supposed to teach us about tolerance?

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