Cheat-Seeking Missles

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The World From Honolulu

Ahhhhh, it's nice to finally be sitting down. All the bags have found their way home to our home-away-from-home (and not too easily I might add), we're fed, we've seen Mom and her wonderful ex-diplomat husband Bill, who gave us the Sunday NYTimes. So some notes:
  • Rick from Holy Coast commented on my Aloha post to let me know he and his lovely wife will be in Kuai and is inviting us over ...
  • Sifted Truth found the new German cartoon that's offending Islam. You can see it over at Deep Keel.
  • The Boeing 757 icon for a changing table shows an icon-woman changing an icon-baby. What? Men don't change diapers? Anybody know a good class action attorney? I'm feeling decidedly victimized.
I read the OC Register at LAX this morning and found all the articles I'd blogged about 8 to 24 hours earlier. One article of note:

The Kartoonistan riots in Nigeria, the most violent to date and decidedly anti-Christian as most of the 19 fatalities are Christian, hit a country already on the edge of an oil war and wrestling none to well with its first cases of bird flu. If Africa needs a tinder box, this is it -- and it's happening in the country that is our fifth largest source of imported oil.

This 21st century is getting off to one tense start.