Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, February 17, 2006


Bookworm's conservative slogan contest results are in, and it's a real challenge to my efforts to be a humble guy because two of mine won!!

My entries received the most votes in the best NSA slogan category:

Bush spied, terrorists died

and in the best anti-terrorism slogan category:

Give peace a chance.
Kill a terrorist.

The former, if I can descend for a moment into a total and complete lack of humility, was the number one vote-getter in the entire contest, with 333 votes ("Because there were only three entries," my conscience tells me).

For the sake of full disclosure, I also had one of the biggest dogs of the entire contest, garnering just four overly kind votes ... actually three overly kind votes because one of them was my own overly egotistical vote:

One, two, three, four!
What's with Leftist rhymes?

Fessing up to that one has my humility back intact.