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Friday, February 17, 2006

Nine Kartoonistan Deaths

Libyan adherents to the Religion of Peace set fire to the Italian consulate Friday night -- apparently enraged that Italy is on the same continent as Denmark* -- and were shot on by police. Nine died, many were wounded.

Here's an insight into Libyan crowd control:

Antonio Simoes-Concalves, an Italian consular official, ... told The Associated Press in Rome that the Libyan police were not able to control the crowd, even though they were firing bullets and tear gas.

At Abu Ghraib, we only embarassed prisoners and made them uncomfortable. When dealing with their own people, Arab tyrants are perfectly happy to just shoot into crowds. Will there be a human rights protest? Don't count on it.

* Possible reasons why Libyans selected the Italian counsulate:
  • Libya is a former Italian colony
  • Italy is the only western diplomatic mission in the town of Benghazi, where the riots occured
  • Italian cabinet minister Roberto Calderoli recently said he would wear a T-shirt printed with the profet cartoons
If you're keeping count, we're now at 28 reported deaths over Kartoonistan. Would Allah consider them martyrs? Don't know. He's much more temperamental than our God.


Libya's parliamentary secretariat announced the suspension of Interior Minister Nasr al-Mabrouk and said all those involved in Friday's riots "and the officials responsible for them" should be referred to investigations and to the courts.

"We condemn the excessive use of force and the inappropriate way that went beyond the limits of carrying out the duties of the police," the secretariat said in a statement. It also declared Sunday a day of mourning for "our martyr sons."

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