Cheat-Seeking Missles

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Greens Launch Cal. Gov. Campaign

Peter Camejo, two-time loser in races for California's governorship and one-time VEEP loser with Ralph Nader, will run a third time for governor, reports the Sac Bee.

Camejo doesn't think his chances are too good ... or he's committing to be a one-term governor: He said in his campaign kick-off press conference that this would be the last time he'd run for governor.

In a state approaching a critical crisis from undersized and over-used infrastructure, Camejo has made his central campaign theme opposition to the proposed multi-billion infrastructure bond now wending its way towards the ballot.

Why? Because California is still in hock up to its eyebrows and may not be able to afford it? No. Camejo has more paranoid reasons:
"I don't trust these Democrats and Republicans not to hand this money over to those companies as a boondoggle."
Has he not heard of the regulations covering the bidding and awarding of contracts? It's this distrust or misunderstanding of governmental basics that forever banishes the Greens from political relevance.