Cheat-Seeking Missles

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gaffney On Port Deal

When it comes to matters of national security, Frank Gaffney's the answer to, "Who you gonna call?"

Writing today in WashTimes, Gaffney lays out a summary of what's wrong with the proposed UAE port operations acquisition from A to Z, including:
  • UAE's status as an Islamofascist mecca
  • The deal's financial underpinnings, that could allowing other Islamists entities to join in the fun
  • A really scary military connection -- shall we give control of tank shipments to the Islamists?
He sums up:
Call it a Harriet Meirs moment. Politics being the art of the possible, it is time to recognize the Dubai Ports World deal is neither strategically sensible nor politically doable. It is time to pull the plug, and to reform the secretive interagency CFIUS process that allowed this fiasco in the first place.
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