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Saturday, January 14, 2006

WaPo Editorial: Confirm Alito

They don't care for his conservatism, but the editorial writers at WashPost believe, in the name of presidential perogative and avoiding tragic precedents, that Samuel Alito, whom they call mainstream, should be confirmed:
He would not have been our pick for the high court. Yet Judge Alito should be confirmed, both because of his positive qualities as an appellate judge and because of the dangerous precedent his rejection would set.
Fine. Thanks for stating the obvious. A highly qualified who has a history of not even approaching the edge of the mainstream should be confirmed.

But where, WaPo, is your criticism of the Dem tactics? Your editorial never mentioned CAP or Vanguard -- desperate smears vomited up by slimey hacks -- and only came up with this wrist-slap:
Though some attacks on him by Democratic senators and liberal interest groups have misrepresented his jurisprudence ...
and this:
His integrity, notwithstanding efforts to smear him, remains unimpeached.
The same cannot be said of Kennedy and Krew. They deserve a wicked editorial -- but it doesn't look like WaPo's going to provide it.