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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A l-Jaz May Sue For Bush Memo

As it prepares for the March launch of its English-language affiliate, Al-Jazera is thinking about going to court in order to get the memo recording the now-famous Bush-Blair meeting in which Bush supposedly said he wanted to bomb Al-Jaz's studios in Doha, Qatar.

The UK Guardian quotes Al-Jaz managing director Wadah Khanfar:
"Al-Jazeera is not just a TV station. It has become something people are very attached to. People are angry."
Is this an admission that Al-Jaz is in fact a terrorist mouthpiece? Is that what Khanfar means by "not just a TV station?" And while I'm asking questions, how about this one: Would the people be angry if Al-Jaz reported the matter in a fair and objective way?

Back to Khanfar:
"We demand to know what's happened. We need to know for the sake of history, for the sake of journalism. It has historical value."
Here, for its historical value, is my earlier list of the reasons why the president obviously was not serious, if he said anything at all about Al-Jaz. This is the list of military bases the US operates in Qatar, which we would never jeopardize by doing something stupid like bombing a terrorist mouthpiece:
# Al Udeid AB, QA
# Camp Snoopy, QA
# Camp As Sayliyah QA
# Doha, QA
# Doha IAP, QA
# Umm Said, QA
# Falcon-78 ASP, QA
# Mesaieed, QA
Hot links are provided to each of these facilities at the Global Security web site.