Cheat-Seeking Missles

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Any Nitwit Will Rant, Con't.

Photo by Robin Weiner
There was a tiny demonstration in DC yesterday of dancing reindeer and other environmentalist nut-cases, all stressing over the possibility that the vast wasteland of Northern Alaska might get poked by an innocuous oil well or two.

Kowtowing to the Big Green special intests were ANWR nitwits Hillary, John Kerry and Joe Lieberman. I would love to poke fun, but Hinderaker beat me to it, and I can't beat the brilliance of his post at Power Line.

One point he didn't make: A couple decades back, when the debate was over the North Slope explorations and the Alaska pipeline, the doomsayers prophesized that the land would be spoiled, the animals would die, the fragile ecosystem would tip into oblivion.

So, if they're to be trusted, if they're to be listened to, why is there still a Northern Alaska ecosystem to fret about? How stupid do they think we are? How foolish are John, Joe and Hillary?