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Thursday, August 18, 2005

NYT Admission Of Liberal Bias

In an article on a study that purports to show that Fox News Channel does not impact the way its viewers vote, the NYT reports:
Fox's political orientation is clearly to the right of the rest of the media. Research has found, for example, that Fox News is much more likely than other news shows to cite conservative think tanks and less likely to cite liberal ones.
In its neverending campaign to make Fox look biased, didn't the NYT just admit liberal bias by it and other MSMs?

What the study found is bad news for Dems, even if it shows Fox may not be particularly influential:
Disregarding third-party candidates, Professors DellaVigna and Kaplan found that towns that offered Fox by 2000 increased their vote share for the Republican presidential candidate by 6 percentage points (to 54 percent, from 48 percent) from 1996 to 2000, while those that did not offer Fox increased theirs by an even larger 7 percentage points (to 54 percent, from 47 percent).