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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Roberts' Role In Gore v US -- Wow!

This Miami Herald article might have been assigned as a hit piece on Roberts -- "Kid, go up to Tallahassee and dig into what this Roberts guy did to take the election away from Gore" -- but if that was the motive, the piece is a resounding failure.

The article quotes various leaders of the GOP team on Roberts' involvement, and to a person, they expressed awe at the man's legal talent.

Here's Ted Cruz, now Texas solicitor general, who was responsible for drafting the Bush legal dream team:
''He's one of the best brief writers in the country. Just like a good journalist or a novelist, he can write with clarity, concisely and can paint a picture with words ... [His secret for winning is he] does his homework for hundreds of hours.''
Ted Olson argued the case before the Supremes and commented on Roberts' participation in the moot court that preceded:
''It was a conference room full of people and John was there. I had known him for 20 years by that point, and I highly respected his opinions.''
Articles like this make me fear for my Supreme Bias list of MSM bias in Roberts reporting. Things will get nastier before he's confirmed, but this guy appears to be evidence of some beautiful list-compiling and screening at the Bush White House.