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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Flush The Flag, Then Flush Marriage

OK, we've all seen this disgusting piece of "art" and read about California AG Bill Lockyer's support of the "art" show from which it comes.

Cropped -- but not enough!

Now two related items.

First, there's going to be a counter-show with patriotic art.

Second, not content to trash America, Lockyer is now trashing marriage ... or at least a proposed (second) amendment to the state constitution designed to protect marriage.

The petition that would be used to gether signatures for the proposed amendment was submitted to Lockyer for review carrying the title, "The Voters' Right to Protect Marriage Initiative," but left his office renamed, "Marriage. Elimination of Domestic Partnership Rights."

That re-naming will be challenged in court, as will the AG's re-write of the petition summary:
The summary that would appear at the top of the petitions that will be circulated for signatures similarly calls attention to how the amendment would reverse the six-year course the state Legislature has been on in extending significant spousal rights to same-sex couples.

While noting that the amendment would "provide that only marriage between one man and one woman is valid or recognized in California," it goes on to state that the measure "voids and restricts registered domestic partner rights and obligations" in areas ranging from inheritance and adoption to insurance benefits and hospital visitation."
I haven't read the language of the petition yet, but based on the SacBee's write-up, which is surprisingly sympathetic to the petitioners, it appears to go too far. I'm all for protecting marriage, but don't see the benefit of depriving homosexuals who choose to live in monogamous relationships simple things like being each others' beneficiary.

Just let them go through the same paperwork hell married heterosexual couples go through when they get divorced and have to deconstruct all their jointly constructed policies, plans and provisions. Maybe then the entire gay marriage movement will lose steam.