Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, May 20, 2005

Reuters Idiotically Pursues Koran Story

Fifteen dead are not enough, not when there's an opportunity to further besmirch the reputation of the US in the Muslim world.

Reuters, which refuses to call Al Qaeda terrorists in order to protect its reporters, continues to irresponsibly put US soldiers at risk by staying on the Koran story. Its report today about the Red Cross raising the story adds nothing of significance to the story, but it adds oxygen to the flame Islamofascists are trying hard to fan.

The article re-raises the debunked flushing story and places it in close context to these unspecified allegations of "mishandling" of the Koran -- enough for the terrorists to play with. And for what? No news at all.

These reporters are irresponsible, crazed with Bush-loathing, and seditious.