Cheat-Seeking Missles

Sunday, May 22, 2005

NYT's Frank Rich Loses His Mind

NYTimes columnist Frank Rich is ticked off about what's happened since Newsweek published its erroneous story about Koran flushing. Is he angry about sloppy, agenda-driven journalism? No. That people died because of Isikoff's folly? No. He's mad at the Bush White House for suggesting Newsweek and the media could do better.

Don't bother reading the piece, which you'll find here. Why would you want to read something written by someone who would write something as blindly idiotic as this:
The administration has been so successful at bullying the news media in order to cover up its own fictions and failings in Iraq that it now believes it can get away with pinning some 17 deaths on an errant single sentence in a 10-sentence Periscope item that few noticed until days after its publication.
What in the world is Rich thinking? That we didn't notice that the "errant sentence" did in fact get noticed? That Newsweek should get a free pass because they snookered the world for 10 whole days before the riots broke out? And if the administration was so successful in bullying the MSM, then why are we still putting up with their shameless and irresponsible anti-American stories?

The circling of the MSM wagons around Newsweek must have kicked up a lot of dust, because even the most famous columnists obviously can't see anything clearly.