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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Feelings. Uh-Oh. Feelings.

Dennis Prager's sixth column in his series justifying the Judeo-Christian belief system as superior to all others deals with feelings, the moral construct of the Secularists. Two examples from Dennis:
The unprecedented support of liberals for radically redefining the basic institution of society, marriage and the family is another a product of feelings -- sympathy for homosexuals. Thinking through the effects of such a radical redefinition on society and its children is not a liberal concern.

The liberal preoccupation with whether America is loved or hated is also entirely feelings-based. The Left wants to be loved; the conservative wants to do what is right and deems world opinion fickle at best and immoral at worst.

The entire column, the entire series, is wonderful, so if you haven't been keeping up, click through on the link above, read this one, then go back for the rest of the series up. I have a feeling you'll like it.