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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Things You Might Forget To Pray For

Take a moment to think about it, and you'll probably conclude that Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday. Thanks, food and family, without great over-production or over-spending -- what could be better?

When you bow your head in prayer tomorrow, there are many obvious things to pray for -- like our troops and their families -- but there are some things that might not cross your mind.

Pray for the jihadists. They are creations of God and God loves them. As hard as it is to say a prayer for them, they need your prayers, especially the one that asks that they find a God who grants them mercy and grace, instead of one that demands works, particularly violent works, in order to get to heaven.

Pray for the whacked out extremists, especially those who are your opposite on the matters that mean the most to you -- the pro-abortion set, the anti-globalization crew, the separation of church and state set. The funny thing is, the best prayer for them is one for peace ... their peace.

Pray for the tsunami and earthquake victims. Their pain and suffering isn't over yet, but with each day they get more distant from our thoughts.

And don't forget to pray for yourself in the frenzy of praying for others. Take a quiet moment to ask God to give you strength in the areas where you need it, and most of all, just to honor him for all he's done for you.

And, if I may, thank you God for the Internet, the blogosphere, and all the wonderful people who come by to read CS-M because of the gifts You have given me.