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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finally, Beijing's Torch Finds A Welcome

A nation finally rolled out a red carpet ... albeit, a thread-bear, ratty looking one ... for the Olympic torch today, giving the Beijingoists a welcome relief from demonstrations that marred the torch's progress around the globe.

What country?

Here's a hint: Celebretory crowds were waving artificial bunches of the national flower, kimjongilia.

As in Kim Jong-Il-ia.

Yes, NoKo's torch relay started off with a leg run by Pak Du-Ik, who symbolized North Korea's greatest international sports triumph: their
1966 World Cup soccer team, which advanced to the quarter-finals. As in, here's a nation that's gone 42 years since falling far short of winning.

Of course, there would have been protests in NoKo, too, if people were free to protest. China routinely sends North Koreans who flee Li'l Kim's cesspool nation back to NoKo, where they face imprisonment if they're lucky, death if they're not.

But if they'd protested the torch, they'd face imprisonment if they're lucky, death if their not. So, hey! Welcome China! Cool torch!

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