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Monday, March 31, 2008

Collegiate Indoctrination

I asked Incredible Daughter #1 if she was experiencing a lot of Leftist indoctrination at Chapman U., and she affirmed it's there in some classes:
From what I've seen, there is a liberal slant, but the students aren't afraid to call BS on stuff that is way out there.
I'm proud to say that she's one of those unafraid students:
We had some guest speaker in that human diversity's class, and the class would push them very hard afterwards based on what they said. You may go cross eyed over what one of them said.

She said that it is DISCRIMINATION to assume that someone is heterosexual and that it is OFFENSIVE AND NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT to ask a guy if he has a girlfriend because he might be gay. I told her that if you assume he is gay and he's straight, you might get your butt kicked, so sorry, I'll err on the side of political incorrectness.

She was a little shocked at my response.
Interestingly, in our work I'm becoming concerned about writing about real estate developments as "homes for families," and a cringe a bit each time I see "mom" or "dad" in copy, especially if it's copy that's directed to children.

I'm dreading the day gay activists get on us for assuming that houses will be filled with families, not gay couples, or that schools will tell us they're not interested in materials that assume children have moms and dads, rather than dads and dads, moms and moms, dads and ponies or whatever.

I'm sticking with the good ol' fashioned copy for now, but feel the ice getting thinner at all times.

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