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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Lost In The Mail"

President Bush is warming up his pipes for his U.N. speech as I write this and I'll be in my weekly meeting with a bunch of church guys when he gives it, but I like the leak on the speech's topic: No new spotlight for the crackpot despot handpuppet from Tehran, but instead a bright, glaring light on the UN's failure to live up to its charter's ideals of human rights and freedom.

Bush reportedly will focus on Myanmar, where 100,000 protested this week in a cry for freedom, and where the UN has done absolutely nothing to put a ray of hope behind that cry. Instead, the UN turns the other way as the power-hungry cabal that oppresses an entire nation, murders its Christian minority, supports the nation's opium-growing drug lords ... and gets a helping hand in keeping the whole, sick mess from collapsing from China.

Amidst this horror, the UN straight-facedly tells us that the poverty rate in Myanmar is just two percent, and presents data on the nation's health in deaths per thousand while admitting it doesn't even know what the nation's population is.

There is not even a place in the UN's "Country at a Glance" window that addresses human rights.

Why bother? What difference would it make to the thieves, liars, rapists and torturers who sit with Myanmar in the General Assembly?

Meanwhile, at the White House, planning goes on for the President's reception for world leaders this evening. Not invited: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

When asked what happened to Ahmadinejad's invitation, Dana Perrino told AP:

"Lost in the mail."

Now if we could just entrust Ahmadinejad to the US Postal Service ....

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