Cheat-Seeking Missles

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon Link-Fest

Every Tuesday afternoon, I have to submit my nominations to the Watcher for this week's Watcher's Council review of top blog posts -- one from this blog, one from blogs whose authors aren't members of the Council.

For Non-Council members, I had six great entries to choose from:

Opinions Are Like Assholes, from Wake Up America -- A jarring title for a thoughtful analysis of public opinion and the war.

Election '08: My Protest Manifesto, in which The Anchoress says she's already fed up with early politicking and isn't going to cover the race until she darn well feels like covering it.

Infrastructure, Maintenance and Spirit, from Sake White, which is about ... sheesh, it's hard to tell what Ymarsakar is writing about half the time; you get lost in the interestingness of it all and kind of lose track. Let's say it's about inner strength and Pure Freakin' Magic.

Don Imus Goes, Rosie O'Donnell Stays from Blue Star Chronicles, which rose above the other Imus nappy-headed commentary by including the author's insights into Imus, who she must listen to daily since it's her husband's favorite show.

Shilling for Kim Jong Il: Why is the UN Development Program Advertising the Singing Young Cadres of Pyongyang?, in which Claudia Rosette does what she does so well -- strip the U.N. of its pomp and show it as a corrupt den of despots and thieves.

But after a lot of back and forth, I settled on another post by The Anchoress, Elizabeth Edwards embraces her inner Rosie, because it presented such a fine analysis of fundamental differences between conservatives and liberals ... and guess what? Conservatives are nicer!

My self-nomination this week was tough. I waffled forever, then submitted a post on Nancy Pelosi's ridiculous discussions with Saudi's king on women's "rights," Don't Know Your Enemy.