Cheat-Seeking Missles

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Yap Dogs Of The Left

Don Surber gave words to a thought that's been banging around in my brainpan since Friday:
It must be sad to see a friend depart the White House, but scandals happen. If anything, Bush emerges from this investigation with a clean bill of health. So does Rove. They faced the proctology of federal prosecution and survived. (h/t Memeorandum)
I'm not sure how thankful I am that the words he gave me included "proctology," but the image is apt. Fitzgerald is a solid prosecutor who obviously ran a tight and efficient investigation. His team looked hard and all they could come up with was Scooter. And Scooter didn't jeopardize a spy or threaten national security. His crimes occured during the investigation and were not the cause of it.

So come Monday, Bush can start fresh, aware that the yapping bites around his ankle come from liberal chihuahuas who will never grow into pitt bulls or rottweilers.

If Fitzgerald had been investigating the Katrina response, we would have indicted one guy at FEMA.

If Fitzgerald had been investigating Guantanamo, he would have indicted some Lieutenant.

But if Fitzgerald had been investigating the Harriet Miers nomination idea, he would have had no choice but to indict the president.

So tomorrow, Mr. President, feel strong, refreshed and vindicated. Know that the Libs have nothing on you. Know that the base is there for you if you're there for them. And get your administration back on track with a SCOTUS nominee who will make us cheer and keep them pathetically yappin'.