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Thursday, May 05, 2005

UN Botching Syrian Withdrawal

Here's another one of those "Dog Bites Man" headlines for you. I really can't think of a headline that would surprise me less than this one in WND:
U.N. botching Lebanon probe?
Syrian intel receiving advance notice of mission to verify withdrawal

The United Nations mission currently in Lebanon to verify the departure of Syrian troops and intelligence forces from the country has been coordinating its travel in a manner that offers military installations advanced notice of the team's arrival, allowing any remaining Syrian intelligence agents to hide or flee, sources on the ground with the mission told WorldNetDaily.

Although Syria claimed it removed its intelligence forces from Lebanon with last week's reported withdrawal of troops, former Lebanese prime minister Michel Aoun and several Lebanese opposition leaders told WND this week Damascus continues to secretly maintain intelligence agents in the country.
Does anyone think the UN's crack investigative team will do anything with its Hariri assassination investigation other than tip off the murderers so they can flee?

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