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Monday, May 16, 2005

The Parkside Letters: Jeremy

Note: This is one in a series of posts presenting letters received by the California Coastal Commission regarding Parkside Estates, a proposed 155-home development in Huntington Beach. For more information on Parkside, click here. I am presenting these letters as evidence of how some teachers are brainwashing our children into a state of panic about the environment. Out of kindness, I have corrected simple grammatical and spelling errors.
Dear Ms. Vaughn:

I'm a 6th grader at Los Coyotes School and I have a question for you. Which is more important? (A) 170 homes with a shortage of oxygen? (B) Zero homes with enough oxygen? I don't know about you, but I think I want to live, not die.

It's not a good choice at all to build one or more homes on that piece of life giving land that is trying so hard to live! If I were one of those plants, that has no choice but to give oyxgen, I would hate what is going on would you. It's like a battle by which humans have the greatest advantage and still other people are fighting to save the little bit we have left. Besides wetlands clean out gases and toxins from the water that they can die from and yet they (the plants) sacrifice their lives just to clean those toxins! Would you do that for someone who is trying to kill you and take your home!? Probably not.

With this note I'm able to advise you to say no to those homes. By building those homes their people might die or become extremely sick the next time it rains. First the water, with nowhere to go, will drain too slowly and will cause a flood or it will drain too fast, wash out harmful toxins and store them under the homes and will grow into worse problems than before and cause vitalities or sicknesses from the toxic fumes. Just like a bomb, nature can unleash the worst and most deadly explosions imaginable and no one will see it coming! It will be like the nuclear bomb.

As I explained, nature can explode with savage tantrums and if we continue the destruction of earth's uniqueness, oyxygen and life, we'll end up like our moon. First the plants will die the animals will die then every thing else will die. No one will win. We all lose thanks to the people who created the greenhouse effect! You have a choice iwth a chance and aright now you have that chance use it as wisely as possible. I'd like me to write me back a note of your answer.
Note how Jeremy personalizes nature -- the land is trying to live, plants sacrifice their lives for us, and so forth? More has happened to Jeremy than simply being indoctrinated with radical environmentalism; he has been converted to a naturalism religion.