Cheat-Seeking Missles

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Phoney Cops and Phoney Fraud

The Advancement Project, purveyors of minority voter fraud fear-mongering, has come up with phantom cops as a big voter disenfranchisement boogeyman in November. Sorry, computer woes (don't ask) keep me from including a link, but this is from tonight's CNN Lou Dobbs report. Lott's guests: John Lott from the American Enterprise Institute, who expertly fires a cheat-seeking missle at Edward Hailes Jr. from the Advancement Project.

LOTT: I think a lot of the discussion about disenfranchising African-American voters, in particular I think it's been fairly sad, because I think there have been a lot of myths in Florida, for example. I mean, you have the Commission on Civil Rights did an extensive set of hearings, they weren't able to identify even one person.

DOBBS: Not one?


HAILES: Lou, that's absolutely false. And Mr. Lott is actually in the minority of people around the world to really believes nothing bad happened in Florida and in other places around the world. We did see systemic irregularities, problems with identifiable victims who were disenfranchised and we're going to do everything we can this time to make sure that citizens of color in particular are not disenfranchised the way they were during the 2000 election. So Mr. Lott simply wrong.

LOTT: Even the Democrats on the Civil Rights Commission were not able to point to a single case of voter intimidation in Florida. They had possibilities that might have existed. But the only cases that people could even point to that were even remotely were similar would be like a police officer's car who was a mile from the polling place. Nothing that the police officer intimidated people or talked to people or threatened them and he was a mile from the polling place. And no evidence, not one case where they could point to somebody who, because of intimidation, didn't vote.

HAILES: Well, let's look to the future. Our concern is that there may be make-believe, wanna-be law enforcement, fraud cops showing up in minority precincts claiming that fraud is an issue and intimidating voters. And we're not going to let that happen. We have a cadry of well-trained lawyers who will make sure that our communities are not disenfranchised.

Incredible. Deprived of anything factual on which to base his argument, the quick-on-his-feet Hailes invents make-believe, wanna-be cops, then threatens them with real lawyers. Isn't it terribly racist of Hailes to assume that minorities are stupid, and will fall for this?