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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Leftist Outrage As Finkelstein Weds

The Left has gone ballistic over long-time GOP operative Arthur Finkelstein. Finkelstein made the news this week, first for marrying his long-time homosexual partner, then when it got out that he's starting a "Dump Hilliary" effort akin to Swiftboats.

First, to MSM. The NYTimes broke the story, exploiting Finkelstein's sexuality ... as if there were something negative about homosexuality that we shouldn't tolerate. In its story about the marriage, this appeared:
Some of Mr. Finkelstein's associates said they were startled to learn that this prominent American conservative had married a man, given his history with the party, especially at a time when many Republican leaders, including President Bush, have campaigned against same-sex marriage and proposed amending the Constitution to ban it.
And when reporting on Finkelstein's new anti-Hilliary "Stop Her Now" effort, the NYT added:
Mr. Finkelstein's personal life made headlines Saturday after he said he had married his longtime male partner in a civil ceremony in Massachusetts, a move that startled some of his associates, given his history with the Republican Party.
Did it really startle associates? If so, none are quoted in either of the two stories. It seems like the reporter just typed it in, presuming associates would be startled, and editors, laboring under the same assumption, just left it in, even though they would usually require a collaborating quote. It's just GOP profiling and ignorance; anyone who's been an active Republican for any time at all knows many gay Republicans. I know many, including one who held a high position on Bob "B-1 Bob" Dornan's staff.

Over at the Leftyblogs, Talk Left says, "But what about the hypocrisy? And what will James Dobson and Jerry Falwell say?" Why is it hypocritical for a Republican to be gay? And I imagine Dobson and Falwell are more interested in outting Hilliary from the White House than outting gays from anything.

Eschaton apparently titled his post something with the word "faggot" in it, but changed it to "Arthur" after a commenter called the headline harsh. His short quote of Drudge is followed by hundreds of comments. There is an amazing amount of rage here as people think Finkelstein betrayed gays by working for Republicans. As usual, the leftists place the carnal above the significant. They cannot imagine that someone would find things like international and fiscal policy more important than sex policy, so to them Finkelstein is a betrayer of the worst sort. And it shows:
I don't hope they're happy. I hope people hassle them all the time for his being such a wretched evil ****ing scumbag asshole. I hope people spit on him in public, I hope his family stops talking to him, and I hope he gets a painful disease that slowly kills him.

The Finkelsteins of the world do not pay the price for their deeds... though no price, perhaps, is high enough, no penalty severe enough, for the betrayals in which the m*****f**** has participated...

Tumors, running sores, poverty, disease, all of it should be the lot of such as Arthur Finkelstein...

Hyprocritcal pukes, I hope he and his husband get harrassed by his wingnut firends.

... and thus did Arthur pull the sword Hypocrisy-abur from the stone, and was so revealed as the right-born Queen of Slimy GOP Bastard Liars...


He gay and jewish and he works for anti-semitic gaybashers? And this entitles him to, what? respect? appreciation? what? He should choke on a goblet of ***, the ****witz!

I'll bet the real reason to solidify the relationship was financial. Either that or one of them's sick. ["Sick?" What, we don't say AIDS any more?]

F*** all of you religious nutwads. I've just flat had e-****ing-nough of you!!!
That last one was so ugly; you should know that some lefty hatemongers are more clever, even if horribly misguided, so I'll leave you with: