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Monday, April 25, 2005

LAT Confirms China's Risk

In a front-page story today, the LATimes chimed in chorus on something I've been saying for quite some time: The Beijing Communists might not be able to successfully contain the anger they've allowed to be unleashed against the Japanese.

The article quotes Zhu Feng, a security expert with Peking University:
"When Chinese start to feel such emotion, there's a fear this could backfire against the government itself and get out of control . The government is scared of these long-simmering sentiments."
As well it should be. In an increasingly wired world, it's tough to maintain the information dominance that it is at the heart of every repressive dictatorship.

The LAT article focuses on Lu Yunfei, purveyor of the internet site that fueld the anti-Japan protests. I think it may give Lu too much credit. China maintains tight control over the internet and was obviously supporting his effort or it would not have occured.

Still, it is enticing to see what can be done in repressive China with a Web site and email.

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