Cheat-Seeking Missles

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Face-Pies For Tolerant Liberals

Advocates of tolerance and free speech don't have any serious comment to make when liberals repress free speech by throwing pies at conservatives speaking on college campuses. After the latest creaming, Wonkette had this to say:

Pastry-hating activists sacrificed yet another perfectly good pie yesterday. This time, the target was David Horowitz. "There's a wave of violence on college campuses, committed by what I'd call fascists opposing conservatives," Horowitz exclaimed, evoking horrible memories of the time Hitler nailed Poland with a gooey jelly donut.
OK, I chuckled; nicely written ... but if you really want to really crack a grin, imagine for the moment the indignant outrage that would follow a nice campus Republican throwing a pie at, say, George Stephanopoulis.